In my effort to be more present, listen to my body, and stay physically and mentally healthy, I have begun to post less daily letterings. Towards the beginning of this week without posting it was an internal struggle—I like to stay true to my word. Then I realized: Being more present means giving presence to those I'm spending time with. Listening to my body and staying healthy means choosing a workout or sleep instead of getting a post up. Add freelance and doodling into the mix, and i'm still lettering every damn day ... I'm just not posting it ... and that's A - OKAY. 
Slow down; step back; observe and recalculate; accept and let it go.

true north

" ... You have within yourself a deep central point I call your sense of truth. It knows the difference between clever nonsense and simple profundity, and resonates with all that feels real and right. Lose your sense of truth, and you'll be stupid no matter how smart you are. But tune into that sense, and your intelligence will be infinite."
— Martha Beck —


It's the middle of week 2 in the 31 days of GO W/ THE FLOW, and this week's focus is on the flow of your body. Fine tune your awareness around what your body wants, and honor that. "Sit quietly and ask yourself what you need. Not what you think you need, but what can you do, eat, drink, etc. that will nourish your entire being?"


To jumpstart this year and fully commit to my yoga practice, I joined the 31 Days of GO W/ THE FLOW. Our week one focus is the flow of your breath. "The only way to become completely present is to take a breath in, and then a breath out." The more you breathe, the more present you become—not just on your mat, but in any moment.