Starting fresh for the new year. New postings now on the #regularlettering blog. Cheers!


12.24.14 #givepresence

12.23.14 Lettering my sister needed for a gift. — part 2

12.22.14 Lettering my sister needed for a gift. — part 1

12.21.14 Sometimes I'm just a grumpy butt for no reason. 


12.19.14 Drinks with my lady friends.

12.18.14 "You all took a life here today. You did. The life of the party." — The Office, Cafe Disco

12.17.14 Civet: an animal used to process coffee beans? Kopi Luwak #goodtothelastdropping

12.16.14 A great yoga class always brings out the best reflections.

12.15.14 Nothing could make this day better. OH WAIT—glitter brush pen?! #istandcorrected #thisistotallyathing
It's actually clear and really beautiful. #pleaseforgivemyshittyphoto

12.14.14 You were quite the little thing with such a big personality. You will forever be a part of us, Anniebell. #restinpeace 

12.13.14 count them! #consecutive 

12.12.14 Dad's classic lines. HBD DAD. <3

12.11.14 Helped my grandma. These are her favorite sayings. #youhavetobethere


12.09.14 An oldie, but a goodie. YOU — Gold Panda

12.08.14 speak with meaning. don't just fill the air.

12.07.14 Christmas card ! 

12.06.14 Learn to embrace change. Quote that was read on a podcast. (wasn't credited, unfortunately)

 12.05.14 B for Becca! You're fabulous, girl. #loveya #rockon 

 12.04.14 Tina! Our rock, confidant, and great friend. We'll be brunching soon. #teamtractionmom 

 12.03.14 in that holiday daze.

 12.02.14 Amazing night at Elf, the broadway musical! 

 12.01.14 calligraphy practice—write . dip . repeat .

11.30.14 Delayed post—my laptop won't charge. #utoh #thanksworkputer

11.29.14 Ben. It's been real. #humblebadass #tinyhousesforever

 11.28.14 #unbroken


 11.26.14 HBD Rick. #yourclassictoast

 11.25.14 This one's for Tina.

11.24.14 A movie on Netflix that is actually just as bad as it sounds. Don't watch it. #yourwelcome



 11.21.14 Kath <3 Gurl, may the odds be ever in your favor. #bonvoyage #bonchance

 11.20.14 With Arms Outstretched — Rilo Kiley

 11.19.14 Dripping with swag.

 11.18.14 Gold glitter keyboard word vomit? Accurate. 


11.16.14 the song Youth, by Daughter

 11.15.14 Neighbors #brosbeforehos

 11.14.14 the Hunger Games

 11.13.14 watercolor

 11.12.14 E-B words part 2

 11.11.14 This Tay Swift song is just so catchy, I couldn't help myself.

 11.10.14 In an argument with a dude about how French-ness is better than German. Because duh. (photo cred: KMO)

 11.09.14 Me—painting my kitchen.


 11.07.14  It's totally in my room right now and I'm too scared to get it.

 11.06.14  Stay—from one of my favorite movies, Dirty Dancing.

 11.05.14 sassy pants.

 11.04.14 Just a few of the lettering situations that happened at TTL Type Tuesday. Fun times, hilarious conversations, great friends.

 11.03.14  For a dear friend. Hang in there R, it will be worth it in the end.


 11.01.14 HBD LAUREN!


 10.30.14 I was way too excited about being a butterfly.


 10.28.14  Can't stop listening to this song. Please join me.  >>  Make Me — Prinze George

 10.27.14  Urban Dictionaried the word 'wiggity' today and this was one of the example phrases. 



 10.24.14   e is for Emily, one of my best friends. Our journey as coworkers ended today, but our adventures and fresh hangs have only just begun! Wishing her the best of luck—she's gonna kill it!




 10.20.14 Not the exact lyrics, but this song was in mind: Grass Stain—Waxahatchee


 10.18.14 Sister date + wine + dancing = Gregory wedding. Congrats Amy & Brady! #tipsylettering

 10.17.14 Asked my sister this and she thought it was slang/rap like "turn down for what" ... I literally just asked if she wanted me to hang a sheet. #noblinds "Let's go hang a sheet tonight, yo!"

 10.16.14 Two letterings for today, brought to you by "so many feelings." Don't worry, it got better :)

 10.15.14 A special thing for a thing.

 10.14.14 E-B words part 1


 10.12.14 Set your life on fire. Seek those who fan your flames. —Rumi

 10.11.14 This shit is bananas.

 10.10.14 Messy swash practice. So messy.

 10.09.14 One of my homies did me a solid.

10.08.14 Mistakes happen. It's whatever. 

10.07.14 This Time by Vanessa Carlton. This song gives me feels.

10.06.14 Wisdom from Creative Works day 3 — Sasha Barr. Greg Lutze. Jina Bolton. Aaron Draplin.

10.05.14 From Creative Works day 2 — Jason Powers. Danielle Evans. Joey Ellis. Lotta Nieminen. Matt Lehman. Invisible Creature.

10.04.14 Wise words from day one speakers. Rachel Briggs. Clark Orr. Alonzo Felix. Jesse Bryan. Brandon Rike. Dana Tanamachi.

10.03.14 Day one at Creative Works Conference and it was so effing good. Just keep creating—Brandon Rike.

10.02.14 You're stronger than you think, little J. #sisterstrength

10.01.14 Accurate statement for this evening's endeavors. #letterpress #printingissues

09.30.14 Tiny label for some calligraphy ink sharing.

09.29.14 Some powerful words from Sean McCabe

09.28.14 Baked up a pumpkin patch today.

09.27.14 My composition from the Building Characters Shoppe Class today. So fun to learn the basics of modern calligraphy!

09.26.14 DMB—Everyday.

09.25.14 Thanks again to Katherine for the french photo.

09.24.14 Blending watercolors.

09.23.14 Fish snacks. #playwithyourfood

09.22.14 To my downstairs neighbor who thinks I live too loudly. Old hardwood floors make everything loud—deal with it.

09.21.14 The struggle. No complete thoughts. Not happy with anything in particular here, but I'm accepting my practice.


09.19.14 For those days that just aren't your day.

09.18.14 For my short-term roommate who became a great friend. Best of luck on your future endeavors, and I'll see you soon! 

09.17.14 Special thanks to Katherine for supplying me with this video so i could gif it. ✌︎

09.16.14 Experimenting with watercolor.

09.15.14 "Some days just aren't good for anything at all." -- Dreams, by Wet

09.14.14 I know a lot of people going through some pretty tough situations right now—this one's for you. Keep your head up, your heart light, and just breathe.  


09.12.14 Love More Worry Less—Bipolar Sunshine


09.10.14 Quick sketch.

09.09.14 The Office.

09.08.14 Trying out the liner tool from my grandpa's drafting kit.

09.07.14 Floral practice.

09.06.14 Overheard at a bachelorette party. 


09.04.14 Great song by Generationals. 

09.03.14 Self-reminder.