broken butt

Our boss's wife was in a car accident and came out with a broken pelvis (ouch), so we wanted to send some cheers her way. It resulted in this funny card I got to letter. She's doing really well now, but all thoughts and prayers are appreciated! 


Happy Holidays from Team Traction

This year for our Traction holiday greeting, my fellow coworkers and I thought it would be fun to put together our own cookbook. Each one of us picked a favorite seasonal recipe and created our own illustrations and photographs to go with them—so no judging. We had a lot of fun with this photo shoot; arranging Christmas cheer, sprinkling spices, breaking ornaments ...  

Anyway, I present to you the Traction Holiday Recipe Book! Click on the cover image below to view our email greeting and download the recipes. 

photo shoot: behind the scenes 

photo shoot: behind the scenes